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Our Story

Mike & Stacy Gauthier, president and vice president, husband and wife, started Gauthier Biomedical, Inc. in 2000. After graduating from Marquette University with biomedical engineering degrees, they jumped headfirst into the surgical instrumentation industry. Gauthier Biomedical started by doing small, custom work for OEMs but gradually the demand increased as customers immediately began to experience the Gauthier advantage, giving them access to high-quality, innovative technology that helps differentiate themselves in the market.

Mike and Stacy

Early on, the Gauthiers saw there was an unmet need for excellence in the orthopedic instrument marketplace. They took this opportunity to develop new, cutting-edge technologies, provide branding opportunities for their customers and create some of the highest quality instruments on the market.

As a new company, the Gauthiers decided to open up shop just north of Milwaukee along Brown Deer Road but as the company grew, so did the need for space. GBI moved its office location to Grafton, Wisconsin in 2003 and also opened a manufacturing facility in Franklin, Wisconsin in 2005.

Several years and a few building expansions later, the Gauthiers consolidated the two facilities into one 80,000-square-foot headquarters located in Grafton. GBI moved into the new state-of-the-art facility in July of 2012, and the company continues to grow with new, top-of-the-line machinery and an ever-expanding staff.

Between Mike and Stacy's passion for engineering the finest of surgical instruments, their commitment to their employees and their drive to succeed, the husband-and-wife duo continues to not only lead a growing company but to also make their mark on the surgical industry one instrument at a time.

Today, Gauthier Biomedical's products are the gold standard of orthopedic instrumentation. These instruments and technologies have been awarded 29 US patents to date and others pending. 

Fast forward 15 years and approximately 95 employees later, Gauthier Biomedical continues to give its customers the same innovative, high-quality instrumentation but on an even larger scale.