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Trademark Issued for G10 Premium Branded Handle Line

Gauthier Biomedical Inc., the leading provider of multi-color orthopedic instruments and medical devices, announced today that the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a Trademark Registration No. 5,478,595 covering handles of the G10 premium branded handle line.

This distinctive silicone molded handle family allows medical device OEMs to distinguish themselves in the marketplace by offering ergonomic, customized, premium handles and instruments. 

“The G10, first released in 2010 to celebrate Gauthier’s 10th anniversary, has quickly become the preferred handle family for many orthopedic medical device OEMs in the US and abroad and we’re happy to have such protections” says company founder and president Michael T. Gauthier. “The G10 color combinations and shapes along with graphic logo inclusions are like no other handle family in the industry. The G10 system offers elegance and sophistication and its image and likeness have for years been an identifiable symbol of Gauthier Biomedical’s unmatched commitment to quality instrumentation.”

With products for hip, knee, shoulder, trauma and spine, Gauthier Biomedical Inc. was the first to offer multi-color silicone handles in the industry and provides a wide range of patented technologies designed to improve surgical techniques. Gauthier Biomedical Inc. is located in Grafton, Wisconsin and was founded in 2000. Gauthier offers design, regulatory and manufacturing services to provide full OEM instrumentation solutions. With a team of engineers, over 50 patents and a state-of-the-art 80,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, Gauthier Biomedical Inc. serves customers from all around the world.

Gauthier Biomedical Inc. is FDA registered and ISO 13485:2003 certified. For information regarding Gauthier's G10 handle family go to http://www.gauthierbiomedical.com or emaildean.poulos@gauthierbiomedical.com