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Whether it's improving an existing tool or developing a unique custom instrument, our engineering team will deliver. Our design experience is rooted in biomedical engineering and orthopedics, so you can be sure you're in the most competent hands in the industry. We encourage you to bring your projects to us, no matter what stage in development. Our decades of experience in the industry means that most likely, we've been there before. It doesn't matter if you're looking for an instrument from our existing product line or need us to build a custom instrument that absolutely cannot be late for your product launch, you can count on us to deliver.

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Our patented technology gives you a leg up from the competition, allowing you to take advantage of proprietary Gauthier designs such as our ball-bearing technology, quick connect secure shafts, No-Play ratcheting mechanism, ratcheting torque limiters, speed drivers, customizable silicone molding and more. We are constantly bringing you innovative design solutions to not only make you happy but your doctors, too.

Along with our patented design technology, we understand the importance of differentiation in the orthopedic market. It's why we encourage the creativity of our industrial design team within our engineering department. Gauthier engineers are regularly developing new ergonomic handle designs and breakthrough features to offer competitive advantages. Whether you are looking to add your logo, implement a multi-color handle, or go completely outside of the box, our engineering team is here to get you the most innovative designs possible. For the latest design concepts, check out the online Gauthier Showroom or contact us for your own personal design consultation for your next system.

Short-Run Production

At Gauthier Biomedical, we offer a full prototyping service from a single prototype to clinical builds. You name it, and we'll work to make it happen. With our precision machining, fabricating and finishing services, we can build small quantities of components and instruments, and when you need to increase quantities, we have the manpower to meet your demands. Because our prototypes are built in the same manner that they would be in production, you get a more accurate representation of the final product.

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